Garden Maintenance

The ultimate in curb appeal

Garden clean-up

We start by removing all winter protection, proceeding to clean up all leaves and debris left over the end of fall, and preparing the gardens for planting.

Garden fertilization and rejuvenation

By shuffling overgrown plants, adding a few new floral characters, and rethinking areas that may not be working in your current garden, HomeCrew can institute changes that make a big creative impact. HomeCrew will work with a crew on your property to direct the pruning, replanting, discarding and rearranging of the existing elements of your garden.

Garden maintenance

Weeding and keeping your garden beds looking fresh and maintained is important to us. We move quickly and efficiently, providing weekly or bi-weekly garden maintenance, which can be added as an extra to your lawn services or provided as a stand-alone service.


At Homecrew we believe your garden should feel like an extension of your home. With this in mind, we’ve created an original garden styling and planting service that will literally transform your garden into your favorite “room” in the home. Whether you’re just starting out or revamping an existing garden, our service will maximize the potential of your outdoor space and make it both beautiful and functional.

Our process takes a more hands-on approach, often developing garden concepts together with our clients, and tailoring the service according to your taste, lifestyle and budget.

Trimming and shaping

Pruning is an essential part of gardening and if completed correctly, trees, shrubs and evergreens will be superior in health and appearance. Homecrew offers a large range of trimming and shaping services for evergreens, conifers, flowering vines and shrubs that occur in the season specific to the tree or shrub being maintained.